Brockley Society Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 9 November, 8pm

Brockley Social Club, 240 Brockley Road, SE4 2SU (cnr Foxberry Road, next to Esso garage)

Brockley in the Blitz

Brockley was substantially damaged by bombing during the war. Many of today's blocks of flats were built where bombs destroyed the existing houses. Hilly Fields was used for defence purposes and the outlines of wartime buildings' foundations were visible on the parched grass during the dry weeks this summer. If you know anything about how your house or street was affected, air-raid shelters, or anything else about war-time Brockley, bring the information to the meeting.

Followed by AGM, including elections to the committee.

We always need new members on the committee. We have already had offers for a Tree Monitor, and for an LGBT representative to encourage diversity. Please email Claire if you are interested to stand or wish to nominate someone else.


The Brockley Society is one of the longest running and most successful community groups in London.  Officially we cover the Brockley Conservation Area and are here to help protect our homes, streets and parks from unsympathetic or damaging development.  Unofficially, we take an active interest in the whole Brockley community and do what we can to make a difference. 

Every resident in the Conservation Area is automatically a member of BrocSoc but anyone can get involvedBrocSoc is YOU! So if you want to get something done, let us know, get involved and we can all work together to make it happen. 

Brockley Conservation area
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