WELCOME Driving Instructor
We’ve moved to the country!! After living in Brockley for over 30 years and raising a family there we decided to downsize. No longer the crowded trains from Brockley Station in the morning. At 8:30 am I am to be found walking our dog along the banks of the River Derwent watching the wildlife. This morning I saw ducks, geese and a heron. Yesterday I was watching a pergrine falcon hunting pigeons. All this just 3 minutes walk from our new house. Did I say “downsize”?  We moved from a four bedroom terrace house to a Grade II listed six bedroom georgian house with a large garden, large cellar and a garage. With some of the spare cash we’ve bought a field and we’re turning it into an orchard.  Do we miss Brockley and London SE4? Sometimes, but not too often. When I want travel to London I can catch a 6am train and be there before 8:30am and the station is only 5 minutes walk away. If you’d like to sample the New Life in Derbyshire come and enjoy a few days in our holiday cottage in Wirksworth Derbyshire. You can find details here: http://bit.ly/wirksworth. Have a look at the local estate agents and compare with SE4. Here’s a local driving instructor we’ve helped too. Best regards, Charles and Sue